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GIA-275 Series II

High Power Audio Amplifier

gia 275 2
GIA-275 Integrated Stereo DAC / amplifier supports analog, digital, USB, Bluetooth Input, and features a digital to analog converter. The GIA-275 is a high performance, integrated and compact system designed to let you to play music from your Bluetooth enabled portable devices, play 24 bit/192kHz high resolution audio from your Apple MAC or Windows systems, connect your flat screen TV through a digital connection or use your legacy analog devices such as a CD player. The GIA-275 is an all-in-one, high-end integrated amplifier that fully supports Bluetooth V4, A2DP and aptX to produce CD quality sound through a wireless connection.


gia 275 2


Our integrated amp with Bluetooth is the new generation all-in-one amplifier, combining both amplifier and pre-amp in one. The sound quality of our GIA-275 is remarkable. You’ll get grand sound quality in a small package. Lightweight but heavy power is what we are dealing with here. The GIA-275 has a very high quality converter, which can convert your high resolution digital recording into high quality sound of 24bit/192kHz, through your speakers.


We opt for going wireless with our Bluetooth connection. Play music from your phone/tablet/laptop etc., with hassle free installation. Connect your device with GIA-275 via Bluetooth and enjoy music with click of a button. If you want to connect your speakers, we have a provision for adding your aux to our integrated stereo amp with Bluetooth. You can also play high resolution files from your computer by downloading them on a USB device. Our integrated amp has a USB slot which can play all high resolution digital files through your USB connected to speakers or via Bluetooth on any device.



spec gia275
Bluetooth Receiver V4.0 with Windows,
aptX (CD quality) with External
antenna for Bluetooth.
USB Input Windows,XP, Vista 7&8, Apple.
USB Audio 2.0 driver provided for Windows 32 & 64 bit.
Software upgradeable via mini USB.
Analog Inputs AUX 1 & AUX 2
Digital Coaxial Inputs/output 1 & 2
Digital Optical Inputs/output 1 & 2
Output Power
80 watts at 8 ohms 20Hz-20kHz.
120 watts at 4 ohms 20Hz-20kHz.
Standby power <½ watt.
THD + noise at 80 watts into 8 ohms = < 0.7%.
THD + noise at 120 watts into 4 ohms = < 0.7%.
6 lbs (2.7kg).
Shipping weight:8 lbs (3.6kg).
Frequency Response
@ 1 watt into 8 ohms
10Hz-20kHz = +0. -0.55dB.
11.8” x 13.7” x 7.8”
30cm x 35cm x 20cm
Wolfson WM8740.

120VAC & 230VAC / 50-60Hz
Note: For more technical specs, please refer to the attached user manual & Spec